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At ALTBalaji, we offer original, exclusive, and premium stories. Everything you want to watch, anytime, anywhere and as much.

ALTBalaji, a subsidiary of Balaji Telefilms Limited, is the Group’s foray into the Digital Entertainment space. After conquering television and making a strong mark in films, Balaji Telefilms aims to reach out directly to individual audiences, by providing them with original, exclusive and tailor-made shows, that they can access at their fingertips.




Buy Altbalaji Subscription

ALTBalaji is a subscription-based video-on-demand app providing online web series for subscribers. The web series are written by renowned writers, feature popular celebrities and are directed by acclaimed directors. The subscription service is also relatively more affordable as compared to the other similar services.

What are the benefits of  ALTBalaji subscription?

The ALT Balaji premium subscription plan provides access to all shows on the streaming app. With the premium subscription, you will be able to watch all episodes without any limitation on the number of hours, unlimited access to full HD streaming, the addition of new shows every month, the ability to watch content offline, etc.

Can I watch ALTBalaji on TV?

To watch ALT Balaji on TV, you need to connect the mobile device and TV to the same wireless network. Choose the Cast icon at the top right corner of the ALT Balaji app and choose Chromecast. Now, you will be able to watch the content on TV with the ‘Ready to Cast’ feature.

Is there a free trial on ALTBalaji?

ALTBalaji is a paid subscription service but it is available for free for a period of seven days. If you are interested in the service, then you can watch the same for free for a period of seven days and then subscribe to it.

How to subscribe to ALTBalaji premium?

To subscribe to ALT Balaji’s premium subscription service, you need to tap on Subscribe on the Android or iOS app and select the plan you want and proceed to the Payment Options page. Now, proceed with the payment and enjoy the service.

Bizsolution ALTBalaji Features:

✅1 Year Premium Plan.

✅All episodes without any limits

✅Watch all shows anytime, anywhere

✅Access on 5 devices at the same time


What’s In-Store ALTBalaji?

ALTBalaji offers fresh, original and exclusive stories. Tailored especially for Indians across the globe, the platform hosts premium, high-quality shows featuring popular celebrities, acclaimed writers, and award-winning directors, making ALTBalaji a true alternative to mainstream entertainment.

buy altbalaji subscription In-Store

Can I download content from ALTBalaji?

If you want to download and watch any content online on the ALTBalaji app, you need to tap on Download from the content details page. Now, choose the download quality and it will be saved in the Menu → Downloads section within the app.


What is an ALTBalaji subscription?

ALT Balaji is a subscription-based video-on-demand app providing online web series for subscribers. … The subscription service is also relatively more affordable as compared to the other similar services. What’s more interesting is that ALT Balaji can be enjoyed for free for select users.

How can I buy an AltBalaji subscription?

  • Select Pack.
  • Enter Details.
  • Pay.
  • Start Watching.

How do I pay for my ALTBalaji subscription?

Tap on the ‘Subscribe’ option, you’ll be redirected to the ‘Subscription’ page. On the ‘Subscription’ Page you’ll see multiple subscription plans. Select the plan and go to the ‘Payment Options’ page. Pay up and enjoy!

How many users can use the ALTBalaji subscription?

5 devices,
Users can log in from up to 5 devices using a single account and play content simultaneously.

How do I share my ALTBalaji family subscription?

Don’t forget to bookmark how to share ALTBalaji subscriptions with family using Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (macOS). If you are using a mobile phone, you could also use a menu drawer from a browser.

Is AltBalaji auto-renewal?

If you wish to continue with your subscription you need to subscribe again on our App. For International Users: If you have linked your Paypal account to your Itunes store or Google Play store, you can cancel the auto-renewal from the respective IOS and Android Devices.

Does ALTBalaji need a subscription?

Does AltBalaji offer a free trial? Yes, but it’s not an all-access pass for a set time period. You can sign up with an email and you can watch three episodes per original show absolutely free. After that, you’ll need a paid subscription.

How do I check my alt Balaji subscription?

Tap on the ‘Settings’ tab and go to the ‘Settings’ page. Tap on the ‘Accounts’ tab. On the ‘Accounts’ page, in the ‘Purchase’ section, you’ll be able to view your active subscription plans along with your subscription history.

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