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Are you looking for the most effective Vidnami video marketing tools to help your business? Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways of reaching your target audience. If done properly it can drive large amounts of traffic to your website and create a viral effect. As well, many companies are beginning to use video to promote their business and create brand awareness, so it only makes sense that you would want to include a tool that could help you with all of these different aspects. It is important that your video be short, sweet, captivating and entertaining or it may not be watchable by those who find it boring.

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What is Buy Vidnami?

Before its change of name, Vidnami used to be known as Content Samurai. If you need to make a video for your website or your content, Vidnami claims to be the tool that will help you.

With that basic definition in mind, you might wonder, rightly so, how it is different from your regular video creators. For one, it is an online video creator that uses AI to analyze the inputted text and scours for the right images or videos that will help you to put together a nice video – even if there is no previous knowledge about the subject of the video. If you are looking to make videos that will easily and quickly get your thoughts to viewers, then this tool claims to be just what you will need.

While written content can be a cool way to draw traffic, it pales in comparison to what a video can do. By using Vidnami, you can translate your written thoughts to video. This will engage more people and as the facts show, can even help you to have more visitors become customers.

Well, while it might seem like plenty of work, it is actually very easy to use. Among the advantages (which we will discuss later about), is that the interface is pretty straightforward and can be used in a jiffy.

You can use it to make videos without all the problems associated with that.

How Does It Work?

The initial point to understand is exactly how Vidnami works. The script is a set of text content that can be of basically any kind of type: a blog post, a media packet, a short article, anything.

After you upload your script, Vidnami will certainly break it up into short sentences and expressions, then suggest background images, videos as well as changes. Vidnami has a riches of videos as well as photos that you can utilize free of charge, or you if you have the civil liberties to an image you want to utilize, you can submit that instead.

Next, you have the option of adding sound. Read out your text manuscript and also Vidnami will certainly line it up with the proper sections of your manuscript. You can likewise include music instead of, or in addition to a narration.

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Who should use Buy Vidnami?

After reading through the section above and you do not fall into any of the categories, then you’ll be interested in this section. Check out our discussion of who this software is suitable for.

  • People on a budget

If your budget is too tight, then this isn’t for you . However, even if you are on a budget, and you can afford to pay $35 monthly, then you will find Vidnami to your liking. It is a cool alternative to spending thousands of bucks on a software.

  • Beginners

If you do not have enough knowledge or expertise in video editing or creation, then this tool, with its simple interface and similar features might just be what you need.

  • SEO Users

If you are concerned about SEO and things like backlinking, then the features of Vidnami can help you. By using the tool, your content is improved and you will have better metrics and conversions.

Features of Vidnami

In view of all that we have discussed so far, let us now see why many people have considered this tool as the top option in its class.

  • Versatile

One nice feature of this tool is that it is very versatile. Because of the design and the technology behind the build, it can be used to create different types of videos with varying qualities. That involves, but isn’t limited to, adding your video or links to social media pages. Doing this requires that your videos are available in different formats.

When adding the video to your social media pages or platforms, there is often the problem of dimensions. Each platform has an acceptable dimension. This, along with the format of the video means that a video that works well on Twitter might not be as good on Instagram or other social media.

Thankfully, the makers of the tool under consideration have noted this disparity, which is why you can use the tool with different videos and social platforms. Right from the inception back in 2015, updates have been regularly added to keep up with the different platforms and formats of videos.

  • Ease of Use

Right from the onset of this article, we have talked about the ease of use offered by this tool. The Vidnami tool is designed to be friendly for all users. Several people without any tech skills or editing expertise have remarked on just how easy it is to set up an account and get to creating videos.

If the reason why you haven’t gone into video content marketing is because of the difficulty in creating videos, the tool is designed to make it easy. After using it, you’ll likely be impressed by how clean and professional your video would appear.

During our test, we discovered that creating a video is easy. Just click on the mouse and appropriates sections and the video can be ready and up on your website or social platform is just some minutes.

  • Large Library

Another excellent feature of Vidnami is the presence of a large, comprehensive library. This library is stocked with plenty of clips and images that you can use to create the video that you want. Unlike other types of media, the content contained in this tool’s library will make your audience enraptured for lengthy periods.

Additionally, all these content are easy to access. Once you log in, you can access more than 700,000 video clips and over 100,000,000 images! Therefore, you will certainly find that which you want to add to the video.

Say goodbye to worrying about what to add to your video.

Aside from the plethora of images and videos, you also get a ton of music tracks. This feature comes in handy because it allows you to add music that will elevate the quality of your video.

  • Easy Upload

After you have put your video together, it is easy to upload it. In fact, with this tool, you can make videos via your computer or phone camera and upload it to the tool. Then you can modify it and add it to your video.

While it is rare, you might not enjoy what is in the Vidnami library. This upload feature lets you import your images, sounds, or videos. It is an excellent thing to do especially if you are looking to build your brand and add a custom sound or video to the brand.

  • Text To Speech

Another notable feature is the Text to Speech. On paper, it sounds pretty dope and there have been several people that have loved using it.

With this feature, you can allow the tool to read out the script of your video. While several people love it, I must admit not to be enamored by it because it sounds mechanical and robotic without the nuances of an actual voice.

  • Auto-Functions

One of the downsides of tools like PowerPoint is the boring nature of the slides. It is important to catch and hold the attention of the viewers, in view of the short attention span of the human brain. That is why it is cool that Vidnami can automatically include transitions and shake up how the content looks to make your viewers more interested in your video.

How To Use the Tool

As repeatedly pointed out in this post, this tool is easy to use. To create a video, you have to follow the steps outlined.

First, after creating the account for yourself, look for the easy  to find ‘Create Video’ icon. Choose that and then decide the type of video that you desire. There are some helpful templates here like sales, influencer, instant d, and more templates are added regularly. If you are not satisfied with all the numerous templates, the tool allows you to make a custom template.

It is then the time to create the script. Just like in other tools, you will have to decide the scenes that you want to show. Edit the scenes then include audio. Lastly preview the video, make final edits, and generate the video.

Vidnami Pros (What Most People Love)

  • Great price.
  • Simple to use.
  • Lots of templates.
  • You can create unlimited videos.
  • The videos look very professional.
  • You can use it to make money and sales.
  • Plenty of helpful video tutorials (if you even need them).
  • You can have your video completed in under 10 minutes.
  • 125 million royalty-free images (yes, that’s million, with an M)!
  • Almost 800,000 story block video clips that come with Vidnami.
  • Vidnami will automatically create your video once you have a script.

This has to be one of the best video creation tools on the market right now.

As the possibilities are just endless with this video software.

Whether you want to:

  • Make videos for YouTube.
  • Make videos for courses or any social platform.
  • Or maybe you just want to make some money as well.

Vidnami can certainly help you when it comes to any of those objectives.

Let’s take a look at the Vidnami cons now (there weren’t many).

Vidnami Cons (What Needs A Little Improvement)

  • The auto-voices could be much better.
  • You will need to edit your video backgrounds is your script is vague.

Those are the only “issues” that I could find this with this video software tool.

The voices aren’t all that bad, but there are some moments where they sound like a robot.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways of completely avoiding this:

  • Just use music.
  • Record the speech yourself.
  • Have someone else do the voice-overs.
  • Or upload a speech file that you got elsewhere.

Then again, maybe I’m just nitpicking too much and maybe you’ll like what you hear.

Vidnami Video Example For Getting More Visitors To Your Website

Here is an example video that was created using Vidnami:

Here are a few important notes about the Vidnami video example above:

  • The transitions are very smooth.
  • The videos/images properly match the script.
  • And the video doesn’t even need to be that long to be effective.

There’s certainly a lot to like about using Vidnami to create high-quality videos.

Just make sure that you have a video marketing strategy as well.

That will ensure that you’re in the best position to generate traffic and make money.

I still highly recommend that you give them the free trial that they deserve.



According to statistics close to 70% of people are more likely to make a purchase of a good or service after watching a video marketing content. With videos, you get up to 300% more traffic than conventional media and content.

It will keep your visitors glued and will even turn more people into paying visitors. If you have a small business, this relatively affordable product can be just what you need to improve sales. Despite the relatively low price, it is an excellent option that will help with making high-quality videos for your brand.


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