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Blu-rays are fun to collect, but for the Supertech-savvy horror movie fan, a Shudder subscription is a must-have. It gives users instant access to hundreds of horror TV shows, movies, and originals. Plus, the service conveniently groups things into curated collections so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and it welcomes celebrity curators like horror actress Barbara Crampton, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, and actors Elijah Wood and Kumail Nanjiani.

How Does Shudder Work?

Like most of the popular streaming services, a subscription to Shudder gets you access to thousands of hours of content that you can stream from your TV, laptop, tablet or phone. Once you sign-up to Shudder, you have unlimited access to their library of films and TV shows, and can play, pause and re-watch the content as often as you wish. Unlike some streaming services, Shudder’s content is always ad-free.

You can use the Shudder app to access content on your Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Shudder is also compatible with most Roku TVs and devices.

What Can You Watch on Shudder?

With Halloween approaching, sometimes a good intense gore-fest is the best thing to give you a genuine scare as the days get darker, and Shudder has a nearly endless supply of those. There are the giants of the genre, like George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, and of course, Halloween. True fans will have a blast digging deep and finding films they had only heard about or didn’t even know existed. Plus there are enough indie movies to start your own version of RiffTrax or MST3K with a few friends.

“We have the best-curated collection of horror on any streaming service,” says Shudder General Manager, Craig Engler, who says the site has both genre classics and hidden gems, along with new exclusive movies and series you can’t see anywhere else.

The original movies and series offer the best new additions, like Host, an excellent quarantine horror flick filmed entirely on Zoom, as well as The Last Drive-In with Joe-Bob Briggs, a weekly double-feature hosted by the critic/comedian and horror expert that airs live every Friday night. The Creepshow Animated Special, meantime, features adaptations of stories by Stephen King and Joe Hill, with episodes starring Kiefer Sutherland and Joey King.

Watch on Shudder-bizsolution

If movies are your thing, Shudder has everything from slasher flicks to more avant-garde fare. The cleverly-named collections on the Shudder homepage offer a great first step for new fans to catch up on decades of legendary films that shaped the genre (I.e. the “Slashics”), or find movies that throw in a mix of humor (“Comedy of Terrors”). And of course, you could always flip over to the “Gross Anatomy” section for go-to gory body-horror stories.

In addition to Hollywood blockbusters and low budget flicks, the site also features playlists of foreign films that even a horror aficionado may have missed, deep-diving into diversity too with collections like “Hispanic Heritage,” “A Woman’s Touch,” “Queer Horror,” and “Horror Noire,” which highlights Black contribution to the genre.

Is Shudder Worth It?

If you’re a horror or mystery fan, or a big movie buff, you’ll want to sign up for Shudder, which offers up hours of programming that you won’t be able to find anywhere else online. Shudder also offers the type of niche content you’ll love discussing at your next dinner party, or to impress colleagues over drinks after work. Shudder is also a great go-to for scary movie nights when you want to surprise guests with something truly spooky — and unique.

Shudder recently surpassed one million members, and is available on Android and Apple mobile devices, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Chromecast as well as subscriptions via Amazon Video. It’s highly recommended for Halloween season especially, but they’re always adding new content to keep viewers sufficiently spooked year-round.

The 5 Best Horror Movies on Shudder


Marcin Wrona directed this unforgettable Polish film about a possible possession at a wedding. A man finds a skeleton and has increasingly terrifying visions as the night goes on in what is basically Wrona’s take on the classic Dybbuk story. Culturally rich and daring, Wrona’s film was acclaimed worldwide, which he sadly never saw, committing suicide just before its release. The tragedy makes his film all the more haunting.

Ginger Snaps

This Canadian has become a true cult classic in the nearly two decades since its release. People who love Ginger Snaps, really love this movie. Do a Google search and you’ll find passionate arguments that it’s a modern masterpiece. And then check out this feminist werewolf tale for yourself and see if you agree.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Sometimes when you see a new film, you know you are in the hands of a daring debut director. Such was the case when this black-and-white vampire western — yes, another one of those — premiered at Sundance. Ana Lily Amirpour has a style that is distinctly her own, blending her background and interests into something daring and new.

Never Sleep Again

Horror movies tend to produce documentaries about their popularity and fandom at a higher rate than, say, realistic dramas. One of the best of this subgenre is Never Sleep Again, a detailed look at why Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street series became such a game-changing phenomenon in the genre. Over four hours, you get detailed looks at all the films with interviews with the major players. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you!


Maybe you’ve heard of it? It seems unlikely that anyone subscribing to a service called Shudder hasn’t seen John Carpenter’s game-changing masterpiece, but maybe it’s been a few years for you and you’re considering a revisit. You really should go back to Haddonfield and see where the saga of Michael Myers began. It’s a rare horror movie that can send chills up your spine every time you see it.


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